Course Completion and Extension Policy

Course Completion and Extension Policy


We at ACTAC have a student-centred approach and support our students in the process of their learning as well as the completion of their qualifications.

In supporting our ACTAC students we recognise that before or on their completion date, where a student has:

  1. Submitted all their theory assessments and is awaiting marking of one or two theory assessment units
  2. Completed the Third party evidence collection booklet as required by ACTAC or is close to being completed and
  3. Completed other Field Placement requirements,

We at ACTAC recognise that the process of finalisation towards Graduation involves checking many requirements.

Many of these involve other parties outside the college. As such, at times this can take longer than we at ACTAC would like it to be.

One possible example of such an occurrence is schools being on Holidays and thus prolonging the possibility of Reference check calls with the supporting teacher from Trainer at ACTAC, or a supervisor being on holiday or otherwise unavailable.

Under such circumstances, where we at ACTAC are processing completion to Graduation and are unable to do so due to circumstances beyond our control, as a result ACTAC would not disadvantage the student by requiring them to purchase any extension towards their completion.

Further information is available by contacting your trainer.



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