Free Upgrade

Are you studying CHC30113, CHC30213 or CHC40213?

You may qualify for a Free Course Upgrade

From time to time the Australian Industry Skills Committee (AISC) considers updates to training packages to better reflect industry trends and contemporary practices.

The AISC aims to make sure the vocational education and training system provides the qualifications, knowledge and skill sets that industry needs.

An example of how a training package might be updated is in 2013 when CHC30712 Certificate III in Children’s Services was superseded by the current CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.

It has been announced that the AISC will consider approving an updated training package at the next meeting which is currently scheduled for the 23rd February 2021. For more information click on the SkillsIQ logo.

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In response to learner queries and best practice in order to support learners in the event of training package updates the college is committed to offering free upgrades to those eligible learners so that students can continue their journey without fear of being disadvantaged.

Learners must acknowledge that for the college to provide a free upgrade to any updated qualifications the qualification must first be endorsed and added to the colleges scope of delivery, Learners must acknowledge that the college has no control over when or even if this may happen.