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Weekend & Evening Support


Weekend and Evening Support

To support students we run weekend and evening support sessions instead of whole day classes to help students get through any subjects they might need assistance with. These sessions can be booked in advance and are not compulsory, they are just there to provide assistance should students need it.

We are also open until 8pm week days, 9-5 Saturdays and 10-4 Sundays where you can make a time to consult with your personal trainer – we are there to support you.

These sessions run for a maximum of two hours and take place in the weekday evenings and on the weekend in either the morning or afternoon and can even be run via skype or facetime to support students family or work commitments. These classes are run at no additional cost to students.

Have an informal chat with a trainer about how we can help you obtain the qualification you want. 1300 511 455