Withdrawal of Enrolment and Refund Policy

Withdrawal of Enrolment and Refund Policy


The College understands that at times, things do not always go to plan and the learner may find themselves in the position of being unable to continue on with their training. Where a learner withdraws from their course for any reason, the following conditions will apply:

Withdrawal of Enrolment (by the learner)

  • Whilst we encourage learners to complete their qualification, learners may withdraw their enrolment at any time.
  • The learner must complete the Enrolment Withdrawal Form available on the college website. Enrolment Withdrawal Forms can also be obtained via email by contacting the college administration
  • Upon receipt of a completed withdrawal form, the learner’s enrolment will be withdrawn as at the date received and acknowledged by return email.
  • Withdrawal of enrolment may attract proportionate refunds. Please refer to Refunds.

Click Here For The Enrolment Withdrawal Form

Withdrawal/Cancellation of Enrolment (by the College)

The College may withdraw or Cancel a student’s enrolment on the following grounds:

    • Violation of any of the College’s policies or procedures
    • Inappropriate or disrespectful communication with members of staff or students
    • Breaching the College’s Code of Conduct
    • Misuse of property associated with or belonging to the College
    • Unauthorised use of company property or information
    • Engaging in disruptive, threatening or bullying behaviour
    • Ignoring supervisor direction or Instruction
    • Use of software or websites intended to plagiarise assessments such as an ‘article spinner’
    • Plagiarism
    • Cyber stalking students or staff
    • Has made or makes false or misleading statements
    • Fail to make satisfactory progress
    • Dishonored payments
    • Any other reason where the College holds a genuine belief that the student is not acting in a way consistent with its terms and conditions of enrolment or the student code of conduct
  • Where the College has reason to believe the student has engaged in conduct that breaches the terms and conditions of enrolment, the Code of Conduct or any item mentioned above, the College may in its absolute discretion suspend that students enrolment. The college will undertake an investigation into the conduct of the student and inform the student of the outcome of that investigation. Depending on the seriousness of issue the college will consider whether to apply one of the following outcomes:
    1. Written Warning
    2. Show Cause
    3. Cancellation of enrolment
  • Where the college intends on canceling a learner’s enrolment, the College will provide notice of the intended cancellation in writing including the reason for the cancellation. The learner is further advised when the cancellation has been affected.
  • Where the College has cancelled the enrolment of a learner, there will be no refund of fees.


Fee Paying Learners

  • For learners who pay for their course in full, prior to commencement, a full refund less a $199 administration fee, will be given to learners providing they withdraw their enrolment in writing within 14 days of date of their enrolment.
  • Where a learner withdraws from their training 14 days or more after their enrolment, no refunds will be applicable
  • Where the learner’s enrolment is not approved by the College, for example, where the learner holds a visa that does not allow study in Australia or the time remaining on the learner’s visa is not adequate to complete the training, a full refund less a $199 administration fee, will be given.

Payment Plans

  • No refund on the upfront deposit is offered where a learner enters into a payment plan and withdraws before commencing training
  • Withdrawal of payment plans attracts a fee of $150. This may be paid in a one-off payment, or through continued direct debits until the amount is paid.

All requests for refunds of fees must be made in writing and sent to the College email provided to the learner in their Welcome email. 




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