Social Enterprise

We strongly believe that education should be available to everyone.

Why are our prices more affordable than many other offers?

We are asked all the time.

By operating as a social enterprise we deliver high quality but affordable nationally recognised qualifications. In the digital age we believe there is no reason for any online nationally recognised qualification to cost thousands of dollars.

We exist to lower the barrier to entry for anyone wanting to support the thousands of children nationwide who need support through care or education by favouring social benefit over profit.

Give our 100% risk free trial a go to find out how just good it is to support a social enterprise !

Social Enterprise

Why we engage in Social Enterprise Pricing

Australian Nationally Recognised


The Aim of a Social Enterprise

As a social enterprise our aim is to benefit society through access to nationally recognised qualifications in an affordable way to bring about widespread social benefit. We forgo the traditional approach of maximising profit and instead focus on maximising social benefit.


Why study with a Social Enterprise

Buying from social enterprise represents incredible potential in generating positive, widespread social impact. Education has been widely recognised as a significant contributor to overall life satisfaction. Providing affordable access to nationally recognised qualifications has broader impacts than on just those being educated, ACTAC trained teacher aides and childcare workers work in every state and territory in Australia and provide much needed support to thousands of children every day.


Social Enterprise drives innovation in education

As well as striving to continue to make national qualifications more affordable and continually improving the students learning experience with new technology like virtual reality practical experiences, we have developed professional development programs for people working with children, in particular children at risk.


By choosing to study with us

You will be supporting a greatly beneficial social enterprise that strives to make education available to everyone.

ACTAC is a proud member of the

Queensland Social Enterprise Council

Queensland Social Enterprise Limited (QSEC) exists to support a vibrant, innovative and capable social enterprise sector in Queensland that is sufficiently resourced to achieve high social, cultural and environmental impact.

Queensland Social Enterprise Council

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