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How to boost memory retention with brain breaks

First, have you ever wondered why you feel so fatigued when you are learning and describing your knowledge. Do you feel like your attention span is not engaging. Brain Breaks are considered an important aspect of reducing anxiety associated with learning and knowledge development. You are expending your Focused Energy and when you rejuvenate your attention and energy you will develop your capacity to communicate your learning.

Of real importance is the need to understand how your brain responds to being overloaded with learning. Do you know how to identify this? If not, you might find the following video will help you.

Brain breaks

Do you know what your learning style is? While you may have one distinct learning style, there are many that you can move through as you learn. So be flexible with yourself. Listen to your needs.

Try taking a quiz to find your learning style! Take a self-assessment quiz, with this information you may be able to develop some constructive habits. These can be strategies to organise your study notes or develop an environment which supports the type of learning and activity your brain responds to.

Once you gather some reflection on your style or habits that feels informed. Move into support.

Develop your own strengths – if you need a to develop this strategy watch this clip. You are in the process of a lot of growth and competing priorities. Be kind to yourself and treat yourself with compassion. Find your best way to be confident as you complete your qualification.

Neurodiversity in Education